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Vengeance, Doggy Style

I recently watched White God (on Netflix), and it has really stuck with me. I found a couple of the scenes hard to watch, but I still recommend it. I’m left with a lot of thoughts, but the one I

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Chattering at the birds, from a safe distance.

Chattering at the birds, from a safe distance.

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Have you examined your worldview?

“And so here is where the Master grants us the great gift of the highest form of self-control of all. It is not the act of avoiding harm to our body or the bodies of others. It is not anything

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Beans, I got some bean plants right here!

It’s no secret that our transition from winter to spring has been a rough one in Pennsylvania. Philly has fared better than many areas, with more warmer days, more sunshine, and less flooding than neighboring counties have seen. And my

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How is that a comfortable sleeping position?

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can we all just get along?

If u know Celie u know how amazing this is.

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getting closer

All the katzens in close proximity to each other. Can’t believe it’s moving so quickly! I guess the Tour brings all the cool cats together.

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Celie found Sasha’s kitty tower. None of the three are happy with the situation but they’re all doing better than we expected. Only real prob: Hugo is drooling nonstop, so we r taking him to the vet this afternoon. Hope

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