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My first 2015 harvest approaches!

Despite a chilly spring, my rural Berks county garden is doing quite well in late June. My fence is more secure this year, so I’ve seen very little critter damage–just a couple carrot tops, probably eaten by a vole. Those

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Can’t wait to start planting! #organicgardening #leafmulch #compost

Can't wait to start planting! #organicgardening #leafmulch #compost

Can’t wait to start planting! #organicgardening #leafmulch #compost

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finally have some plants in the ground

Since late February I have been lamenting winter’s tenacious grip. I have gardening to do, Old Man Winter!!! I started seeds indoors, a little later than I usually would, and I started getting plants outdoors later than I would like.

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composting tips for tumblers

As I’ve said previously, I LOVE composting.  So much.  I’m always tweaking my process, but much of it has become like second-nature to me, so I don’t really think about it.  And I understand that it isn’t so easy for

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Tumble, Tumble, Tumble

Inspired by a recent email exchange with one of my favorite neighbors (Bob) I decided to look into a compost tumbler.  I favor easy (aka lazy) composting, and heretofore haven’t spent too much money on my bins.  Two of my

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Composting is so damn easy, why doesn’t everybody do it?

I love composting.  I mean I really love composting.  Any part of the composting process makes me so deeply happy, it’s perhaps strange to most people.  I find composting so satisfying on so many levels.  I don’t put out all sorts of yard waste,

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