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Penn Foundation attempts to justify their actions

The William Penn Foundation has long supported arts in Philadelphia. But the purse strings are closing, as evidence by the recent fund-gutting of Dance/UP and the Philadelphia Singers. Peter Crimmons writes, “Arts organizations in Philadelphia need to know how to

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on revenue and value in the arts: a screed

I have lots of thoughts about this, and I’m just going to dump some out right now. It seems that among economists I appear a left-wing nutjob, and among artists I appear a right-wing nutjob. Neither and both are true,

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The muscles that make a shimmy happen

Shimmies may be the most essential move in bellydance technique. (Shimmies compete only with undulations for that distinction, in my opinion.) We have lots of flavors of shimmies, from shoulders to hips to hands, from twisting to verticals to horizontals

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some new dance-spiration

I have recently had the genuine pleasure to study with a couple dancers I have admired for many many years. Dalia Carella  hosted her Autumn Muse intensive, co-taught by Mariyah. Dalia is legen–wait for it–dary in the Belly Dance universe.

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the elusive flutter

[See Zoe Jakes start fluttering around 3:06 in the video above.] I’ve been bellydancing for over ten years, and for most of those ten years I have struggled with belly work.  I’ve asked most of my teachers for tips and

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My review of Anasma’s debut album Chance is Back

I’ve just submitted the following review to Amazon: Anasma’s debut album is a delightful and danceable fusion-filled blend of uplifting lyrics and vibrant melodies.  I found myself dancing around before I even realized it.  And Anasma’s lyrics are generously sprinkled

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Caring for this aging athletic body

Getting older is humbling. I get stiff and sore so much more easily than I used to, when I don’t stretch regularly I lose gobs of flexibility, and skipping a warm up is no longer an option. As I write

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Dance heals

When I decided to come to Philadelphia I didn’t know exactly how I would structure my days, but I did know I would pursue regular dance classes.  I’m fortunate to live in easy walking distance to Koresh, and take a

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