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Diet soda may be the devil

In my youth I stopped by the school bookstore for a treat, and I’d pick up some white cheddar popcorn or a sour apple Jolly Rancher or a Whatchamacallit and a soda to drink. Occasionally I’d pick a grape soda,

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Hiking in Acadia National Park

I find it really difficult to adequately describe the majestic beauty that abounds in downeast Maine. Pictures and video clips can only do so much. Acadia is a gem of a national park, one of the most striking in our country, close-ish

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The muscles that make a shimmy happen

Shimmies may be the most essential move in bellydance technique. (Shimmies compete only with undulations for that distinction, in my opinion.) We have lots of flavors of shimmies, from shoulders to hips to hands, from twisting to verticals to horizontals

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Caring for this aging athletic body

Getting older is humbling. I get stiff and sore so much more easily than I used to, when I don’t stretch regularly I lose gobs of flexibility, and skipping a warm up is no longer an option. As I write

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Dance heals

When I decided to come to Philadelphia I didn’t know exactly how I would structure my days, but I did know I would pursue regular dance classes.  I’m fortunate to live in easy walking distance to Koresh, and take a

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city-life self-accustomation

Of course it hasn’t fully sunk in; I live in a major city now.  Finally.  The panoply of interesting organizations and activities is almost overwhelming.  So I have decided to just dive right in, and enjoy a honeymoon period, packing

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Riding the SRT to Wissahickon. It’s beautiful, and so close to the city.

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From the ride if silence last night. It was pretty trippy, with the police leading us out and blocking the traffic for us.

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