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A few more Flagstaff photos

I can now cross ‘visit the Grand Canyon’ off my bucket list. It was really not my bag — too touristy. We did a bit of the Bright Angel trail, and passed quite a few folks who should not have

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Diet soda may be the devil

In my youth I stopped by the school bookstore for a treat, and I’d pick up some white cheddar popcorn or a sour apple Jolly Rancher or a Whatchamacallit and a soda to drink. Occasionally I’d pick a grape soda,

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Five Pennies for a Dollar

Sometimes I write intention pieces for my yoga classes. Here’s one motivated by “Smart” by Shel Silverstein. I really love Shel Silverstein’s poetry. It’s playful, and seemingly innocuous. And yet, I can easily find deeper meaning. I think this poem

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You deserve better

Yeah, I’m still thinking about resolutions. ‘Tis the season. Too often the resolutions focus on what we can do better. I’d like to flip that around to be: how can others do better by you? If you feel like someone

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Resolutions, Schmesolutions: A Stick or a Carrot?

It’s that time of year again…when we can all feel guilty for everything we didn’t do in 2014. I guess we’re supposed to believe that the way to prevent this guilt next December is to set some resolutions. And THIS

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Hiking in Acadia National Park

I find it really difficult to adequately describe the majestic beauty that abounds in downeast Maine. Pictures and video clips can only do so much. Acadia is a gem of a national park, one of the most striking in our country, close-ish

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four hundred fifty

It went on every day for 450 days, more or less. I say 450 more or less because I don’t remember exactly the day it started and I don’t remember exactly the day it ended—the day I realized that it

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Gardening as Revolution

My husband just handed me a Salon piece written by Megan Mayhew Bergman. Megan discusses her experiences with gardening, reveling in her lack of reliance on factory-farmed food. I agree with her. Factory-farmed food is filled with and coated with

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