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Vengeance, Doggy Style

I recently watched White God (on Netflix), and it has really stuck with me. I found a couple of the scenes hard to watch, but I still recommend it. I’m left with a lot of thoughts, but the one I

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Philly Flower Show: Celebrate Disney! …I mean, the Movies!

Seriously, all of the major garden displays were related to a Disney film. Wonder how much Disney paid for that advertising. Oh well, whatever. A lot of the displays were really nice, but as usual, it was very difficult to

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Have you examined your worldview?

“And so here is where the Master grants us the great gift of the highest form of self-control of all. It is not the act of avoiding harm to our body or the bodies of others. It is not anything

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Five Pennies for a Dollar

Sometimes I write intention pieces for my yoga classes. Here’s one motivated by “Smart” by Shel Silverstein. I really love Shel Silverstein’s poetry. It’s playful, and seemingly innocuous. And yet, I can easily find deeper meaning. I think this poem

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You deserve better

Yeah, I’m still thinking about resolutions. ‘Tis the season. Too often the resolutions focus on what we can do better. I’d like to flip that around to be: how can others do better by you? If you feel like someone

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Resolutions, Schmesolutions: A Stick or a Carrot?

It’s that time of year again…when we can all feel guilty for everything we didn’t do in 2014. I guess we’re supposed to believe that the way to prevent this guilt next December is to set some resolutions. And THIS

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on revenue and value in the arts: a screed

I have lots of thoughts about this, and I’m just going to dump some out right now. It seems that among economists I appear a left-wing nutjob, and among artists I appear a right-wing nutjob. Neither and both are true,

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“Black lives matter” ?

The news broke last night: Officer Darren Wilson will face no indictment for the killing of Michael Brown. I watched part of the press conference with the DA detailing facts about the case before the grand jury. Eyewitness testimony all over

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