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Philly Flower Show: Celebrate Disney! …I mean, the Movies!

Seriously, all of the major garden displays were related to a Disney film. Wonder how much Disney paid for that advertising. Oh well, whatever. A lot of the displays were really nice, but as usual, it was very difficult to

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Penn Foundation attempts to justify their actions

The William Penn Foundation has long supported arts in Philadelphia. But the purse strings are closing, as evidence by the recent fund-gutting of Dance/UP and the Philadelphia Singers. Peter Crimmons writes, “Arts organizations in Philadelphia need to know how to

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“Black lives matter” ?

The news broke last night: Officer Darren Wilson will face no indictment for the killing of Michael Brown. I watched part of the press conference with the DA detailing facts about the case before the grand jury. Eyewitness testimony all over

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garden blogging for the master gardeners

I’ve started blogging on the Philadelphia Master Gardener blog. Wanna read my first post on tasks you should be doing in your spring garden to ensure a successful harvest?

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passing by the homeless

Living in center city Philadelphia, I see a lot of homeless people.  I’m sure I don’t even recognize the homelessness of every homeless person I pass, since many of them do not hold a cardboard sign and a cup. And

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throwing motorcycles under the bus

The 2-wheel parking saga continues, and PPA fired their second proverbial shot across the bow.  At least it feels that way, since there are few concessions (well, I count one sort-of concession) in their press release. Some folks within the

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Philly Parking Authority wants my scooter stolen, apparently

I recently found a notice on my scooter warning me that a $76 ticket is imminent, unless I park my scooter in the PPA-designated area.  Well, the designated parking area is NOT at all secure.  So, I’m sending this letter

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Philly architecture

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