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Because of how they talk about Robin Williams

Part I. You’re always surprised by the ones you don’t expect. You glimpse grins and hear laughter, and you miss the steely resolve in their eyes. The mopers, the wailers, and the yellers yes they are depressed too. But they

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four hundred fifty

It went on every day for 450 days, more or less. I say 450 more or less because I don’t remember exactly the day it started and I don’t remember exactly the day it ended—the day I realized that it

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this life i live every day

life is….wow.  how much my life has changed in one year, it’s just wild.  i believe i’m finally on the way to figuring out just what it is that i can contribute to this world, and how i can find

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Suffering in the Silence

For as long as I can remember, I have found silence intolerable. Straightening up the living room is more comfortable with a podcast playing, to help keep my attention from the endlessly looping mental catalog of my failures. Reading a

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  I never let you go on ahead before. Supple and thick leathery skin, smooth ridges along your Back, where I rest my hand while we walk. I could ask aloud, but you do not need to hear the words.

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Trying to learn from Mandela

Like many others, hearing of Nelson Mandela’s death put me in a somber mood.  He was a great human, by all but the most right-wing accounts.  We all know about his tireless work for peace. I caught an interview with

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Posted in personhood, prose and poetry

Same Room

You were right over there. Hand-heelspressed into eye sockets, slumpingto the floor.  Neither the wall nor I could keep you standing. You didn’t tell me all your thoughts, so nowI wonder.  Did you lie in the tepid saltwater andsee yourself reaching?

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