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Vengeance, Doggy Style

I recently watched White God (on Netflix), and it has really stuck with me. I found a couple of the scenes hard to watch, but I still recommend it. I’m left with a lot of thoughts, but the one I

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Have you examined your worldview?

“And so here is where the Master grants us the great gift of the highest form of self-control of all. It is not the act of avoiding harm to our body or the bodies of others. It is not anything

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Penn Foundation attempts to justify their actions

The William Penn Foundation has long supported arts in Philadelphia. But the purse strings are closing, as evidence by the recent fund-gutting of Dance/UP and the Philadelphia Singers. Peter Crimmons writes, “Arts organizations in Philadelphia need to know how to

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on revenue and value in the arts: a screed

I have lots of thoughts about this, and I’m just going to dump some out right now. It seems that among economists I appear a left-wing nutjob, and among artists I appear a right-wing nutjob. Neither and both are true,

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“Black lives matter” ?

The news broke last night: Officer Darren Wilson will face no indictment for the killing of Michael Brown. I watched part of the press conference with the DA detailing facts about the case before the grand jury. Eyewitness testimony all over

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Lying in the middle of a busy intersection

I walked into the stairwell, passed the elevators, and looked out to the city street six floors below, as my eyes grew heavy with tears. I didn’t mean to cry, it just happened. Did I cry from relief, from fatigue,

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Gardening as Revolution

My husband just handed me a Salon piece written by Megan Mayhew Bergman. Megan discusses her experiences with gardening, reveling in her lack of reliance on factory-farmed food. I agree with her. Factory-farmed food is filled with and coated with

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Trying to learn from Mandela

Like many others, hearing of Nelson Mandela’s death put me in a somber mood.  He was a great human, by all but the most right-wing accounts.  We all know about his tireless work for peace. I caught an interview with

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