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A few more Flagstaff photos

I can now cross ‘visit the Grand Canyon’ off my bucket list. It was really not my bag — too touristy. We did a bit of the Bright Angel trail, and passed quite a few folks who should not have

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Funky Flora in Flagstaff


I haven’t spent much time in the Southwest, so hiking in northern Arizona brought me many delightful surprises. Here we have prickly pear and agave with its tall yellow plume at the Grand Canyon. From Kendrick peak: milkweed, Apache plume,

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Hiking in Acadia National Park

I find it really difficult to adequately describe the majestic beauty that abounds in downeast Maine. Pictures and video clips can only do so much. Acadia is a gem of a national park, one of the most striking in our country, close-ish

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some new dance-spiration

I have recently had the genuine pleasure to study with a couple dancers I have admired for many many years. Dalia Carella  hosted her Autumn Muse intensive, co-taught by Mariyah. Dalia is legen–wait for it–dary in the Belly Dance universe.

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City of brotherly love

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Dance heals

When I decided to come to Philadelphia I didn’t know exactly how I would structure my days, but I did know I would pursue regular dance classes.  I’m fortunate to live in easy walking distance to Koresh, and take a

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Solo camping at Promised Land

Black bears, wild turkeys, and severe thunderstorms…oh my! I recently enjoyed my second solo camping trip.  I often hear from other women that this is something they would never do.  I generally feel safer out in the woods than I

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Sunset at promised land. I love camping.

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