How we cope

Millions of Americans are, like me, terrified about what could happen come next January. We worry about a right-wing Supreme Court in control for the rest of our lives. We worry about how our government programs and civil rights will be decimated because all three branches of government are under the control of the same right-wing political party. We worry about a totalitarian demagogue with his finger on the button.

Right now we need to find a way to breathe. This just happened, it’s still fresh. We need to find a way to just get through the first _____ days of processing this new reality.

How ever many days you need, take them. Allow yourself the time you need to be numb. Allow yourself to be sad, scared, angry. Despondent, terrified, irate. Your feelings are valid.

Do not let yourself be shamed for your feelings. Walk away from verbal battles, unfriend with reckless abandon, block when appropriate.

People who didn’t ‘get it’ during the election still don’t ‘get it’ now. It’s not your job to engage, to argue, to convince…not right now. If you want to do that, you’ll have many opportunities in the future.


But right now, we need to just get through. Tend the wounds. Let your scar tissue grow, allow the scabs to form. We need you to take care of you right now.

We need clear heads and full hearts in order to move forward. There are many ways to resist, and you will find yours, when you are ready.

I love you, my fellow heartbroken Americans.


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