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About Fit and Flex

"I enjoyed and began to rely on Sunday Fit and Flex as a refresh button and a way to be good to myself, while being social and breaking a sweat! Do it!"

"Sherrilyn's Fit and Flex class is a joy. She brings a supportive and fun attitude and creates a body-positive environment!"

"One of the best things about Sherrilyn is that no one is ever made to feel like they can't do something. Or even that they shouldn't do something. She sits down with you, shows you the ins and outs, and simply helps you realize just how strong you are (or potentially can be). And not just from a physical standpoint. The encouragement she gives is sincere and always there at just the right time. She is what the definition of a true teacher is, and whether it be dancing or fitness, she teaches and guides you to a better mental and physical place, specifically how you need to be guided."

"I had a great time! The best part is that it's on Sundays. I'll be in the next classes!!"

"I am older and more prone to pulling tendons and ligaments...I had fun dancing and was able to keep up with it pretty well and during our calisthenic intervals, Sherrilyn made sure to adjust the exercises for me. She made everyone feel welcome and cared for and made sure to know their injuries and skill levels. It was a great class!"

And Christine said, "Sherrilyn's energy is contagious and intoxicating. I loved every minute of her class. I never felt judged for my level of skill and loved connecting with other fun, strong females. The class has variety so you never get bored and the music and her attitude keep you going. Taking this class was a blessing to me."

Jaime wrote, "This class is a great combination of intense cardio, intervals, dance, and yoga—all my favorite things in one. And with an energetic and inspiring teacher!"

And Krista wrote, "Sherrilyn’s class lets me enjoy and explore what my body can do instead of feeling at war with what it can’t do. The dancing feels like fun, not a chore or a punishment and if I had the breath I would sing along to the music choices. In general, I’m not a fan of yoga because I feel very frustrated by the positions I can’t achieve - but after the cardio I am thankful to sink in to the restorative poses and can feel the benefits of the stretch and the cool down. If I am starting to engage in negative self-talk, the short reading Sherrilyn does gives me something grounding to focus on and helps me return to my breath as it returns to me. Sherrilyn is a natural teacher - she helps you meet your body wherever it is and celebrate what it can do. I leave class feeling like I am strong and flexible, aware of where I need improvement but not overwhelmed by the work ahead. I love how I feel about myself and my potential when I take this class."

About Dance Classes

Sharon said, "Sherrilyn Billger is a wonderful teacher. When I took a workshop with her, I could tell she had confidence in me, and that gave me more confidence in myself."

Thank you!! This class really helps improve my confidence when dancing (any kind) and improved coordination and strength.

Very much enjoy that it is a friendly atmosphere—where people can have fun while learning—many dance classes lose the idea of enjoyment in the form in the pressure to be perfect.

Thanks for involving every body size and shape!

There's a nice sense of "leave your worries at the door" when you walk in.

I thought it was awesome and you are a great teacher of the art of dance. You move beautifully, which is so inspiring.

I just loved it, tons of fun.

She is such a beautiful girl inside and out. We are all inspired by her kind, gentle spirit.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, YAY!

It was really fun! She makes the environment feel welcoming.

I had a great time, thanks so much! This was my first dance class ever!!