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Vinyasa Yoga
with Sherrilyn Billger, RYT

I am a dancer, a yogini, and a lifelong student of anatomy, fascinated with learning how our bodies move through space. I bring this knowledge to my classes, for a strong, clear, and dynamic yoga asana practice. Through vigorous vinyasa, you will experience greater body awareness, strength, and flexibility. And while engaging the body, we quiet the mind, bringing greater peace within. I care deeply about social justice and everyday kindness. My life mission is to contribute to a more peace-filled world, and I know that yoga is invaluable in this pursuit. My classes could include some chanting, some philosophy, some pranayama, and some restorative poses, always with lots of energetic sequences. Jai!

I've been an educator for my entire professional life, teaching economics to college students, fusion bellydance to hundreds of women (and a handful of men), gardening to children and adults, and now I've added yoga to my teaching mix. It is important to me to be an effective, kind, and challenging teacher. It's not easy to blend those aspects, but I keep trying nonetheless. I want my students to grow, and change can be hard. But I'm here to support you on your journey.

My Yoga Teaching Agenda

  1. Provide individual attention and tips.
  2. Teach intermediate and advanced poses.
  3. Provide brain rewiring practice.

Yoga students have a lot of options, even within yoga styles. My personal teaching agenda may be different from what you've experienced in other vinyasa classes. First, in additional to regular adjustments and assists, I like to go around to every student during class, providing (verbal!) tips for alignment and comfort. Second, I select a peak pose for each class, and I provide step-by-step instructions for students to work toward these more advanced asanas. Some examples of peak poses we've done include side crow, Eka Pada Koundinyasana, one-legged revolved triangle, and bird of paradise. Finally, I'm fascinated by the recent research in neuroplasticity, and I encourage tiny mindfulness breaks during class, in order to help everyone capture the moments of calm and integrate them, moving toward greater inner peace, one breath at a time.

Inspiration and Resources

I took my first yoga class well over a decade ago, but I wasn't really hooked until I took Tammy Borchert's Jivamukti class. Well, to be honest, after my first class with her I was perplexed and somewhat disturbed, but definitely intrigued. Never before had I experienced such a broadly difficult yoga class; it was not only physically vigorous, but also challenged me mentally and emotionally. I wouldn't say I liked the class—it made me too uncomfortable—but I knew I had to go back. I was on sabbatical in Ithaca at the time (and yes, it is gorges up there), so I was only in Tammy's class for a few months. But she made a truly lasting impression on me. I returned to central Illinois, where the closest Jivamukti class was over a two-hour drive away.

After moving to Philadelphia, I found classes with Shiya, a Jivamukti-trained yoga teacher who offered a 200-hour teacher training in her Jivamukti-flavored vinyasa style! Yay!

I will continue learning and growing as teacher, and I'd like to share some of my favorite resources with you. The Jivamukti site is invaluable, including Sharon and David's teachings. I am particularly moved by Sharon's work on vegetarianism.

I like visiting Yoga International, Yoga U Online, and Yoga Dork. I took a workshop with Maria Caplan at Omega Institute, and I cannot wait to be able to visit Omega again. I also love what Bo Forbes is doing in yoga.